Nahman Lichtenstein- The man who made visible developments in ignored areas


Nahman Lichtenstein is an immigrant from Israel who became a successful real estate developer in United States of America. It is all because of his sincere efforts that he touched heights of success. He entered in the real estate industry by making developments in New York. That was the time when his life changed completely, making him a talented real estate developer.

Nahman Lichtenstein – Conducting real estate renovations across Brooklyn


Nahman Lichtenstein is credited for doing some major uplifting and renovation work in various locations across New York. He always remained particularly dedicated towards his community. Because of his valuable efforts, resources and time, several schools and affordable house were erected in Brooklyn. Before that, he worked as a diamond cutter.

Nahman Lichtenstein – A successful businessman of the real estate industry!


Nahman Lichtenstein has made many major contributions in the real estate industry. He is the man behind some of the major urban development work in the country.  Some of the major real estate development projects that he and his group professionals have handled include in the cities of New York, New Jersey, Brooklyn and other major cities of United States of America.

Nahman Lichtenstein – Promoting urbanization through his projects


Nahman Lichtenstein is a real estate personality. He is one of the members of leading development group, Lichtenstein Group. Nahman began his career in this arena by developing properties in New York. It was after that, that he shifted his focus towards development and acquisition of real estate property across neglected urban locations.

Nahman Lichtenstein – Changing dilapidated lands into rich apartments


After doing some major renovation work in Brooklyn based real estate properties, Nahman Lichtenstein shifted his focus to other cities. The next destination was Philadelphia where he worked on previous ignored and dilapidated land and properties, later transforming them into newest, nicest, midrange houses and apartments for families which they could be proud of.


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